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Alaska's Real Life Taxidermy has been in business providing our clients with the highest quality craftsmanship since 1985. Continuously seeking to achieve the highest level of excellence in our industry is our goal. Attention to the smallest detail is what sets our work apart from others. Whether we are skinning a King salmon on the banks of the Kenai River or molding a trophy Rainbow trout in our Anchorage studio, accuracy and realism are our objectives.

Taxidermist Contact Information

Contact:   Mark Oslund Real Life Taxidermy Fish Mounts
Studio Phone:   907-344-6805
Cellular Phone:   907-398-1093
Mailing Address:   Alaska's Real Life Taxidermy
1921 Olympic Drive
Anchorage, AK 99515
Email:   Due to the custom work we provide our clients we prefer speaking with you, so please call us.

About Mark Oslund - Alaska Fish Taxidermist

Mark Oslund - Fish Taxidermist

Mark Oslund has a reputation for providing a world class, quality taxidermy service. Always striving to do better, this reputation has earned Mark the respect and admiration of his clients, friends and colleagues in both the taxidermy and business communities.

Wildlife has always been an interest of Mark's since childhood. As a young boy he recalls being captivated by the sights and sounds of being in the woods. Whether that was walking by his favorite trout stream in southern Minnesota or sitting in a duck marsh with his dog on the Mississippi flyway, Mark knew the outdoors was his passion. Nature, to Mark, is a living art form.

Today, many years later, the admiration and love that Mark has for mother nature has intensified into the art form of taxidermy. In his work Mark is dedicated to producing the quality of craftsmanship that will withstand the test of time. By competing in state and national competitions and attending seminars Mark has perfected his talent and is compelled to never be totally satisfied. Dedication to this goal of perfection is evidenced by the various first place championships Mark has achieved with his work at both a state and national level.

Accuracy in subject matter is an all-consuming objective. Mark is relentless in gathering as much information about his subjects as possible, that he might be that much more realistic in their portrayal. Scuba diving, photography and molding actual fish are all means Mark pursues in order to elevate his art of taxidermy to a level of highly accurate and realistic artistic expression.

Mark brings over 25 years of interest and dedication this profession. For him, taxidermy is not a job, it is a passion. Mark loves what he does. He gets up every day excited about what he is to work on next. Always looking for new challenges, always striving to improve his technique, Mark's drive and clarity is reflected in the master craftsmanship he provides to the art of taxidermy.