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Arctic Grayling Reproduction Mount

Arctic Grayling

Arctic Grayling

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This Arctic grayling fish mount is the 2000 National Taxidermy Association First place award-winning Coldwater Reproduction fish mount. Also took Judge's Choice and the Starfish Award. This fiberglass reproduction is an outstanding example of the expertise and artwork achieved by Mark Oslund of Alaska's Real Life Taxidermy.

This is a 360 degree habitat piece. What this means is that the Arctic grayling is viewable from every angle, that there are no visible seams on this fiberglass reproduction. A high degree of skill is required so that the viewer is able to see perfection from every angle on this piece. The habitat basework enhances the reproduction mount, it does not overpower it.

Creative pieces that incorporate habitat basework along with fish mounts really allow the creative juices to flow in the world of fish taxidermy. Whether you work with skin mounts or reproductions, quality taxidermy is the ultimate goal.

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